Daniela Haindl

Sparkling of creativity, her energy is catching: Founder Daniela is a brilliant Coach and Trainer with extensive knowledges, based on trainings all around the globe.
Former TV-director  and cutter, she founded her own enterprise 12 years ago. As writer, director, producer and eventmanager she is the grounded and powerful guide for her team of actors, musicians and artists.

Her qualifications are various: yoga, pilates, therapeutical climbing, mental coach, communication trainer…  the list goes beyond the scope of this introduction.

As a coach, she is compassionately and respectfully leading her clients to get in touch with their visions and challenges them to reach their goals.


Oliver Vilzmann

Loved by his audience and students for more than 20 years by now, Oliver is charming and full of wit. Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Musician he has mastered all kinds of stage situations being moderator, improvisation artist, trainer or comedian. Illustrating and grafic design are an additional talent he is gifted with.
Dedicated actor, Oliver shares his experiences on stages and film sets with enthusiasm with clients and students.


Iris Haindl

She gives a face to the essence, the core of an enterprise. She finds, what entrepreneurs are most enthustastic and fascinated by their concepts, brand or product and translates it into colours and design. Iris develops concepts, brandings with focus on grafic, editorial, corporate and webdesign. Also the classical tasks of an advertising agent belong to her repertoire. Iris is an empathic and talented creator with loving attention to details.